Meet Andreas Aravossitas Екип ЦПП май 21, 2018

Meet Andreas Aravossitas

Meet Andreas, who is joining us as an intern for 3 months as part of his Master program at the University of Toronto

Andreas tell us a little bit about yourself and your studies?

I have an Undergraduate Arts and Science Degree in Criminology, and I am currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in European and Russian Affairs at the University of Toronto, Center for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies (CERES). I love my program because it allows me the freedom to specialize in any topic surrounding the European continent I wish. My studies involve migration as it intersects with issues such as crime and human rights. More specifically, I am most interested in researching violence at borders against refugees and migrants, human right abuses at the hands of authorities, as well as human trafficking and its link to corruption.

What inspired you to study and pursue a career in migration?

I have always had a strong sense of justice, and I have discovered that I am very passionate about helping people. I see migration as a something that, while beneficial to the world, often creates an environment conducive to the exploitation of vulnerable people. From the migration to the integration phase, there are always stories about people risking their lives or becoming victims in some way to various criminals or authorities. As such, I am pursuing a career in migration because I wish to do my part to help reduce negative and harmful experiences individuals may face in their journeys.

What are your first impressions of Sofia? 

Sofia is without a doubt the hidden gem of Eastern Europe and the Balkans. The buildings and churches are very beautiful and have a certain heartwarming charm to them. However, Sofia’s physical beauty is matched and exceeded by its people I have met, whose kindness has made me feel very welcome and very much at home.

What are you most excited about for your internship?

I am just extremely grateful to be a part of this team and am very excited to assist and contribute to this organization’s work on dealing with detainment in any way that I can. I am also very intrigued to hear the stories of the people who have experienced detainment, and I believe interning at the Center For Legal Aid is the best possible opportunity for me to do that!