Advocacy campaigns

Governments and European leaders are failing to manage the refugee crisis without destructing fundamental European values of human rights, dignity and rule of law. Many European voices are being underrepresented and ignored – we need to unite our voices to make them louder.

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safe and legal pathways

European citizens and organisations want to be given the chance to sponsor additional refugees and provide them with safe and orderly ways to build a new life and integrate with local communities.

The Solution - A new direct budget line in AMIF for community sponsorship with an additional €10,000 per refugee for civil society sponsors and their capacity-building and training. A definition of community sponsorship eligible for AMIF funds.

citizens right to help

European citizens, volunteers and NGOs want to help refugees and migrants and offer humanitarian help without fear of punishment or persecution.

The Solution - Amendment to article 1(2) of the EU Facilitations Directive to prevent Member States from imposing sanctions on individuals or NGOs that provide assistance on a non-profit basis and humanitarian assistance at entry to those in need.

protection to migrants seeking justice

European citizens want and need systems that protect all people, regardless of their status, enabling them to seek justice when they are the victims of human rights abuses.

The Solution - Strictly enforce that all Member States to develop effective labour complaints mechanisms and safe police reporting, making full use of the provisions in the relevant EU directives. Fully implement a transparent and effective complaint mechanism for the European Border and Coast Guards Agency for victims and third parties.

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