• Обръщение на адв. Диана Радославова

    10 години Център за правна помощ - Глас в България

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30 неправителствени организаци, сред които ЦПП - Глас в България, се обединиха в името на демократичните ценности и защита на човешките права. / 14.11.2019

В манифеста на гражданското обединение равни.бг се казва: "Вярваме, че когато се обединяваме и взаимодействаме на основата на споделени идеали, можем да бъдем по-силни и по-полезни. Вярваме също така, че човечната социална среда изисква постоянни усилия от всички".

Нов проект „Ефективна правна помощ за бежанци и мигранти в България“ / 07.11.2019

На 24.10.2019г. Център за правна помощ – Глас в България, в партньорство с Фондация за достъп по права - ФАР, започна проект „Ефективна правна помощ за бежанци и мигранти в България“.


Thursday 20 June 2019

International Roundtable - Alternatives to Detention and Reducing Migration System Irregularity

Time: 09:00 AM
Venue: National Palace of Culture (NDK), Conference Room 3.2

The Center for Legal Aid - Voice in Bulgaria had the pleasure of hosting an international roundtable discussion on Alternatives to Detention (ATD). Attended by officials from the Bulgarian State Agency for Refugees (SAR) and many NGOs in the migration sector, this event was an excellent opportunity to exchange results and insights on various ATD pilot programmes across Europe. The roundtable discussions were enriched by presentations from migrant advocacy and legal aid organizations from such diverse countries as Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, and the United Kingdom, on their operations and pilot programmes. 

Monday 04 March 2019

Film screening "Welcome to Vermont: four stories of resettled identity"

Time: 19:00 PM
Venue: G8 Gladston 8 str.

Center for Legal Aid "Voice in Bulgaria" has the pleasure to host a screening of the documentary film “Welcome to Vermont: four stories of resettled identity”. The screening will be followed by a discussion and cocktail with the film director Mira Niagolova.

About the documentary:
“Welcome to Vermont: four stories of resettled identity”, a 65-minute documentary, offers a nuanced view of lives of forcibly displaced people once they have achieved their ultimate desire to resettle in the US and “live the American dream.” In four vignettes, it takes us inside the daily lives of four families from Bosnia, Somalia, Iraq, and Rwanda who have recently resettled in Vermont, one of the smallest and most homogeneous states in the country. The documentary raises questions about identity, assimilation, and diversity and explores how the adaptation process differs from one ethnic group to another, from one individual to the next.

'Welcome to Vermont' is an intimate portrait of communities grappling to re-frame their identities as they strive to build their lives in America. By sharing the stories featured in the film, 'Welcome to Vermont' aims to engage the general public, educators, and students in a humanistic dialogue about diversity and tolerance.

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Stories from the field

The Story of Lyouba and her business with social impact in Bulgaria / 18.12.2018

How one woman returns to Bulgaria and succeeds to start a responsible business that supports cultural heritage preservation, gives work to local artisans and supports vulnerable migrant women